Chandos Art Club - A diary of our art classes - What, how and 'look what happened'!


Play & Explore - Watercolour Scenes

All the buildings we could think of were drawn on to the long card with permanent marker. Colour was added to create rich backgrounds for the people and cars that stood up in front. "I'm making the whole city" J. Aged 5


Brilliant Makers - Air Dry Clay

These artists formed their clay around moulds to make pots and bowls which they then embellished with motifs, beads and glitter. They stamped them with all sorts of utensils to make gorgeous surface designs - and we left them to dry in the sun.


Teen Building - Plasticine Modelling

It was halloween! I gave the teen artists red, blue, yellow and white modelling clay and asked them to make a severed finger - and these were the amazing results!


Play & Explore - Nature Sculptures

Using watercolour markers we accentuated all the things we loved about the leaves that we chose and then with the help of some seriously strong double sided tape we made these beautiful natural sculptures.


Art Party - 8 yrs Old!

After making badges these 7 & 8 yr olds all worked together to make the most wonderful house. There was a great sense of collaboration in the workshop as they decided amongst themselves who would do the zip wire, and how many bathroom they would need...

“Emma was lovely and let’s us be creative!”

“Best Party ever!”

“Having no parents made it really special!” 


Discover & Create - Scrim

Today we make an armature with plastic and masking tape, then used pieces of PVA dipped fabric as scrim bandage. The artists formed heads and necks - some in preparation for their halloween costumes.....


Teen Building - Stitches

Using buckram and a variety of wool and thread we explored a different kind of mark making, with some really satisfying results.


Play & Explore _ Collage

We set our mounts on the wall this afternoon and used brilliant scissor work to get the fabric pieces just the sizes we needed. It's really freeing to be able to run back and forth the the materials and decide for ourselves which pieces we want to include.


Brilliant Makers - Collage

We thought about landscapes and what that meant to us visually. Then with fabric mounted on cardboard we explored texture and layering, good PVA helped to create these beautiful sheep.

Play & Explore - Trees

I set some small branches in plaster and the artists worked so hard to decorate them. We used tissue paper to create flowers and we added beads, buttons and ribbon before painting the base. H. found making the flowers difficult at first but she persevered until she was happy with them, then she went for it - with beautiful results!

Teen Building - Chairs

We used wire, cardboard, fabric, a few loose parts and of course the glue gun to make these wonderful model chairs. We considered scale and engineering, these chairs swivel and fold - very cleverly designed and executed.

Play & Explore - Sewing

Using embroidery hoops and orange thread we chose buttons and beads to add to our dark blue cotton drill background. 5 year olds always get such satisfaction from sewing, and from free choice.

Brilliant Makers - Shibori

We explored ancient Japanese fabric folding and dying on old linen cloth with beautiful results.

Play & Explore - Feathers

Using paint markers to decorate feathers we then used them in an assemblage sculpture, along with fabric, clout nails and foam pieces. Unusual materials can be so inspiring.

Discover & Create

Experiments using permanent markers and surgical spirit/rubbing alcohol. We saw the differences between the reactions on fabric and ceramic, and we had a few surprises! 

Play & Explore - Printing

Using blocks of simple shapes we created regular and irregular patterns - very colourful of course!

Play & Explore

It's always such fun with a smaller group to push the table away and draw on the walls! Using paint markers to draw around objects we created shapes to fill in - and then we freeformed...

Art Party - 6yrs old!

A. wanted a jungle theme for his 6th birthday so after making badges we made creatures! The birthday boy and his friends created a big 'watering hole' sculpture, and then we all stopped for tea and cake. A brilliant arty birthday celebration.


Discover & Create

I usually offer a small ice-breaker at the beginning of classes whilst we wait for everyone to arrive and get settled - these plasticine doodles were too nice not to photograph.

Teen Building - Printing

The makers started by carving their own blocks, then they created repeating patterned prints on paper and cotton fabric. Using both paint and ink, some beautiful pieces took shape.


Chandos Rd Festival

We had a brilliant arty day making and flying birds - so many people stopped to create with us. We made lots of new friends, and not just the feathered kind...

Play & Explore - Weaving

Such colourful weaves, and so much concentration. This was a calm and thoughtful class as everyone worked out which fabrics they liked best and how to use them in their piece.

Teen Building - Flight

We tried some 3D doodles with wire and foam after talking and thinking about 'flight'.

Discover & Create - Salt dough

The children made and coloured their own salt dough - great, messy fun - and then made abstract faces inspired by artist Kimmy Cantrell

Play & Explore

Beautiful abstract wall hangings, using lots of different small and colourful pieces and strong PVA glue. These artists were enjoying this class so much that it was hard to get them to leave!

Discover & Create - Chairs

The 7-12 year olds took their turn at making model chairs, and they loved it! "I could stay here all day" said T. aged 11.

Play & Explore - Tin foil

Huge fun working with pipe cleaners and tin foil - Giacometti would be proud! These free sculpture sessions always go down so well, and the pieces are always so different from each other, they never fail to impress me.


Open Studio Day

We opened our doors today as part of Bristol Art Trail, we had a table full of materials and an open invitation to make with us. Puppets and jewellery seemed to be favourites, and it was great to meet so many new makers.

Brilliant Makers - Model rooms

A cardboard box and a glue gun - these makers turned in wonderful dioramas filled with wallpaper, curtains, flooring and furniture. We have two whole hours every Saturday morning but the time really does fly by - these children wanted another hour!

Play & Explore - Balloons

Using some new watercolour palettes we made a big balloon installation. It had everyone flying away.....


Art Day - Treehouses

We had an amazing day of art. We mixed and poured plaster bases for our branches and then made platforms, bridges, swings and furniture. We ate our lunch in the garden looking at the real trees and then got back to the build as soon as we'd finished - these makers were so proud of themselves, and so happy to take their art home with them. Satisfied!

Play & Explore - Table painting

A huge collaborative art work using tempera paint on an empty background that I divided up before the class arrived. I gave instructions on who should do spots or stripes and when to change seats which made for a dynamic session - it was so much fun!

Discover & Create - Costume jewellery 

Using a variety of cardboard tubes and rolls, plus some oil pastels and wire we made a huge array of different pieces of beautiful jewellery - not recommended for wearing whilst washing up....

Play & Explore - Shapes

I found these amazing acrylic tubes and we cut out lots of simple colourful shapes to decorate them. When discussing what to use them for, my favourite was "a fun place to trap spiders" from M. aged 5.

Discover & Create - Wire portraits

Starting with a simple drawing, and with only an hour and a half, we used lots of different colours and thicknesses of wire to create these amazing heads. Some 2D and some 3D, they were each really wonderful - and the makers even forgave me their sore fingers!

Play & Explore - Creatures

Using polystyrene blocks and a huge selection of loose parts we created the most amazing selection of creatures. Re-using and re-purposing materials gives such freedom of ideas, there is no way of doing it 'wrong'.

Brilliant Makers - Collage

This is the culmination of 3 weeks of working with paper. These makers coloured, marbled, salted, painted and found their own papers, and in this final piece they cut and shaped their works into beautiful under-the-sea-scapes.

Discover & Create - Printing

In this class we painted onto plastic bags and then transferred our prints onto a huge piece of paper that I'd attached to the wall. Its great to stand up and work and this week we ended up with art on the floor as well as on the wall!

Play & Explore - Printing

We used bags, cones, rollers, sticks and anything that might leave an interesting mark in today's collaborative piece. Painting on the wall usually ends in using our hands to print, and this class was no exception! These 4 and 5 yr olds get so much pleasure from feeling the paint on their skin, and making a mess, that I sometimes think we should do it more....

Brilliant Makers - Marbling

In the fist of our 'paper' sessions we used ink on water to create beautiful colour swirls - the workshop was covered in gorgeous colours while this lot dried!

Discover & Create - Applique

With a wide selection of fabrics and wool these makers cut and stitched their own design onto heavy cotton drill. D. was really happy with his dinosaur - "But I didn't think I could sew...."

Play & Explore - Sewn Collage

At the beginning of this class at least two of the 5 year olds were too scared to touch the needle. At the end they were all so proud of themselves and were asking to take the needles home so they could carry on later! In my experience, if you trust children with tools and materials, and you offer them the skills to use them they will  reach new levels of satisfaction.

Brilliant Makers - Rock Stars

Wrapping is always a favourite technique - here we used wire, fabric and wool to make this wonderful lot.

Discover & Create - Mosaics

Small ceramic tiles, a wooden base and a lot of concentration led to some clever and intricate designs.