By booking your child in you are agreeing to these terms and conditions:

I am the parent, legal guardian/custodian, or an individual vested with the ability to enroll this child AND can agree to the following terms and conditions on behalf of myself and the Child.

I agree that I will not hold Chandos Atelier or any Chandos Atelier employee liable for any personal injury, property damage or loss of insurance AND agree to release and hold harmless Chandos Atelier and their employees from all liability incurred as a result of the Child, or Person Associated, participation in any Chandos Atelier event and that these terms serve as a release for myself, volunteers, property owners and members of my family.

Art studio activities, including but not limited to paints, glues, pastels, chalk pastels, pencils, wood, plaster, tools, fiber (wool/fabric/papers), wax, plastic bags, batik dye, incense, plaster, drawing and sculpting in nature, hiking, and playing outdoor games. Chandos Atelier takes precautions to reduce the risk and provide safe, healthy, and enjoyable experiences.  I warrant that the Child is able to follow directions for all activities in any Chandos Atelier event and is able and willing to participate - any behavioural or learning difficulties must be conveyed to us prior to a class, and we reserve the right to refuse participation if behaviour is or becomes unsafe or unworkable.  I acknowledge that risks from participation in Chandos Atelier activities exist and that I have allowed the Child to participate knowing these risks and their possible consequences including personal injury or death. The Child is able and willing to participate 

I understand that Chandos Atelier is a growing business that hopes to bring fun through art to as many participants as possible. As such, Chandos Atelier may create promotional materials to be distributed in hard copy, on the internet or Chandos Atelier's website, or through other electronic forms such as, but not limited to, email and social media. I hereby agree to allow Chandos Atelier to take photographs of the Child and to use these photos for such promotional purposes.

I understand that payment is not refundable or classes swapable from 72 hours before the event. Party deposits are non refundable and once the balance is paid, party fees are non refundable. 

We will do our best to keep your child safe both in the working Art Room on Chandos Rd & in their school classrooms. We try hard to leave faces out of photos - if you don't want your child to appear in photographs please let us know. Thanks