Family Art Session

Family Art Session


2 hours to reminisce and create together, making a unique piece of art to take home.

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"I think every family should do this at least once" Pippa

"Best party ever!" Marie

"Drinking together and cutting stuff out - what's not to love". Adam


A special birthday? A family member moving away? Wedding anniversary? Hen party? Come and make memories, and then take them home!


1: Design and cut your own stamps to do a block print picture inspired by Lucy Tiffney or Henri Matisse (or someone else). We paint the background and then cut out shapes from foam to paint, stamp and build up a design - very simple and effective.

2: Collage a multi media piece - you can bring photos, printouts, newspaper cuttings, sheet music, fabric, ticket stubs, anything that feels important or interesting and we’ll create a collage based around these items using our supplies of papers and fabrics plus paint/pastels to give colour and depth. John Bunker is a possible inspiration as is Patti Agapi.

3: You can make a large, colourful abstract piece using a colour palette of your choice. We will build up the composition using layers of different materials, or i can limit your materials to just ink, or just one colour but offer different ways to apply it - brush, sponge, roller, pipette etc

Please feel free to bring your own nibbles and drinks - tea and coffee is available here and included in the price as are all the materials we’ll use, plus you can take home whatever we make. We work on primed, unstretched canvas or board so we can use any size, these are easily stretched/framed (we can recommend someone local) but this isn’t included in the price.


Friday evenings, Saturday afternoons or Sunday mornings are our time to party - Please get in touch to discuss availability and ideas. A deposit is required to secure the date and we can only cater for up to 8 participants. We have a kitchen area and fridge for food prep but we cannot supply catering. By booking you are agreeing to our T&Cs