1-2-1 Art Sessions

1-2-1 Art Sessions

from 17.50

Per hour art making - totally bespoke to you. Celebrate a life, create your Xmas cards, make a family canvas, or just because you want to create!

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We have a well stocked art room and a professional maker full of ideas and inspiration - use us!

Perhaps you want to celebrate the anniversary of a birth or a death with a couple of hours of being, talking and creating.

Maybe you’re an avid crafter with a great stash of materials but your ideas get a bit stuck and you could do with working options through with someone.

If you spend ages getting your tools out only to run out of time to actually make, you’re working on something that doesn’t look as if it’ll ever get finished otherwise, or you just don’t want the mess in your house. This is for you.

“Spending that hour with you made my heart sing, you are truly inspirational” 1-2-1 Festival headdress workshop

“Every piece of this has got my dad in it, it’s perfect, I never thought I could make this” J. age 8, In memory of someone special

“My Christmas cards are so brilliant! Thank you Emma” 1-2-1 Xmas carding afternoon

This is aimed at one or two adults, older children, or a small family with children. If you have a larger group why not book an Art Party or a Family Art Session and we can make something special together.

Priced at £17.50 per hour if you bring your own materials and £25 per hour if we provide supplies. You can use all the tools and sundries for either price, plus the full use of the workshop, refreshments & Emma! (If you want us to source something particular there’s a possibility of extra cost - depending on what and where in the world it is).

Get in touch with your available dates and times - these are usually held on Thursday or Friday daytimes or evenings - or get a voucher as the perfect gift.